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General information about the country

Official name of the country: SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Area: 49,035 km2
Population: 5,412,008 (as at 30/6/2013)
Official language: SLOVAK
Population of the capital: 465,327 (as at 1/6/2012)

Interesting facts about the country

  • Bratislava and Vienna are the two closest capitals in Europe. There is less than 60 km between them.
  • The capital city Bratislava is located on the Danube and was the crowning city of Hungarian kings, including the important ruler Maria Theresa. SNP bridge is among the most visited attractions. It is the world's longest bridge with a single pylon and one cable-stayed plane with 360o panorama view.
  • Since 2007, Slovakia has been the world's largest producer of cars per capita. There are currently three automobile assembly plants: PSA Peugeot Citroen in Trnava, Kia Motors in Žilina and Volkswagen in Bratislava, where the flagship Audi Q7 is assembled exclusively.
  • Slovakia is outstandingly rich in mineral waters, many of which possess healing properties. Over 1300 mineral water sources are located in Slovakia. Many of these are thermal water with a temperature above 20o C. These mineral and thermal sources are the basis for establishing many of the world's renowned health and recreational centers.
  • Andy Warhol, well-known American painter, printmaker, filmmaker and a leading figure in the visual art movement known as Pop Art, was originally from Slovakia. His parents lived in Mikova near Medzilaborce. There is a museum in Medzilaborce and a gallery near Bratislava dedicated to Warhol's life and art.
  • One of the most popular sports in Slovakia is ice-hockey. Slovakia won the golden medal from the World Championship in Goeteborg, Sweden, in 2002 and many Slovaks play in the world's best teams which prove that Slovakia is a country of real professionals. You can find out more about the history and the present of this sport in Slovakia by visiting the „Hockey Hall of Fame" in the Bratislava castle.


TOP 5 Lists

TOP 5 tourist products

  • historical cities and historical sites (castles, chateaux, manor houses, wooden churches) >>> a stay in Bratislava or touring other historic Slovak towns (Banská Bystrica, Banská Štiavnica, Bardejov, Kremnica, Levoča, Trnava, Nitra) which is a combination of a short sightseeing tour, visiting local bars and restaurants and shopping (souvenirs, antiques, art objects, craft works, clothes, jewellery)
  • touring the UNESCO world heritage sites
  • a stay in the Slovak mountains in the summer and winter season >>> a stay in a luxury hotel in the High Tatras, with possibilities to enjoy wellness services, pure relaxation and beautiful natural sceneries
  • a visit to Slovak vineyards and cellars with a short presentation about cultivation and processing of grapes and wine tasting. Chinese tourists especially welcome the opportunity to buy a few bottles of wine from domestic producers.
  • a healing spa stay

TOP 5 tourist destinations

  • Bratislava, Košice, Tatry + Liptov, Piešťany, Slovenský raj

TOP 5 gastronomic experiences

  • high quality wines produced in Slovakia where wine is grown since the Roman era (traditional wines – Frankovka modrá, Veltlín, Rizling vlašský, Svätovavrinecké; new wine varieties – Dunaj, Devín, Noria, Hron, Nitra, Milia) and burčiak (grape must)
  • various kinds of spirits prepared from fruit (plums, pears, apples, grapes, raspberries, apricots and so on) and traditional mead. Borovička is a special Slovak alcoholic beverage, the local variety of gin, distilled of the fruit of Juniperus communis (juniper berry).
  • typical Slovak gastronomy served in modern style – potato dumplings with sheep cheese (called "bryndzové halušky"), milk products such as sheep cheese, cottage cheese, bryndza ("bryndza" stands for a traditional Slovak specialty made of sheep cheese). Within the European Union it can only be produced in Slovakia and is distributed under the name "Slovenská bryndza". It is made of non-pasteurized sheep milk from sheep kept in middle, northern and eastern Slovakia)
  • skalický trdelník (traditional cake of hollow cylindrical shape. It is made of a risen soft dough and sprinkled with chopped walnuts, almonds or apricot kernels and caster sugar mixed with vanilla sugar on the top)
  • goose with pancakes from potato dough (called "lokše") and cabbage

TOP 5 souvenirs

  • Slovak crystal and glass products, Slovak pottery especially from the Small Carpathian region called "Majolika", a very traditional gift is a doll made of corn leafs, art objects, craft works made of traditional materials (e.g. leather, wool, fur, horn, wood, baked clay, metal)

TOP 5 events

  • Cultural Summer and Castle Festival in Bratislava, Folklore Festival Východná, Detva, Terchová, European Folk Crafts Festival – EĽRO in Kežmarok, Slovak Food Festival in Bratislava, Art Film Fest in Trenčianske Teplice

Chinese twin towns and twin counties

Poprad + Tainan
Žilina Self-Governing Region+ province Zhejiang
Bratislava Self-Governing Region + Shanghai


Embassies in China

Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Beijing
Naďa Hlavačková
Consul General
Ritan Lu
Jian Guo Men Wai

100600 Beijing China
Tel.: +86 10 6532 1531
Fax: +86 10 6532 4814


General consulates and consulates in China

Consulate General of the Slovak Republic
Qi Hua Tower 4/A, 1375 Huaihai Central Road
200031 Shanghai, China
Phone: 0086-21-6431 4205
Mobile: 0086-186 1693 7167
Fax: 0086-21-6471 3604

Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic
11/F. Milo's Industrial Building
2-10 Tai Yuen St. Kwai Chung N.T.
Hong Kong
Tel.: +852 2484 4568
Fax.: +852 2480 5846


List of international airports in the country

Airport M.R.Štefánika – Airport Bratislava, BTS
Airport Košice, KSC
Airport Poprad – Tatry,TAT


Contact information

Slovak Tourist Board
Dr. V. Clementisa 10
821 02 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421/2/50 700 801, 821
Fax: +421/2/55 571 654