The Republic of Serbia - Country information

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General information about the country

Official name of the country: THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA
Area: 88,407 km2
Population: 7,120,666
Official language: SERBIAN
Population of the capital: 1,639,121
Important economic and cultural cities: BELGRADE, NOVI SAD, NIŠ, KRAGUJEVAC

Interesting facts about the country

Did you know that Serbia is a land of monasteries? We have 408 monasteries of which 200 are active
Did you know that Belgrade is one of the few capitals that lay on two big rivers?
Did you know that the biggest Orthodox Christian temple in the Balkans is in Belgrade?
Did you know that Serbia is the home country of Novak Djokovic?
Did you know that the first satellite video transmission between Europe and North America in 1963 was a picture of the Serbian fresco of the White Angel from Monastery Mileševa. (Unesco world heritage list)


TOP 5 Lists

  • TOP 5 tourist destinations: Belgrade – the capital, Novi Sad – the second biggest city, Sremski Karlovci – city museum, Djerdap National Park – Djerdap iron gate, the second largest gorge in the world, Tara National Park
  • TOP 5 gastronomic experiences: Kajmak – special kind of Serbian cream diary product, Ajvar – relish made from red peppers, Sljivovica – Serbian plum brandy, Bermet sweet desert wine, Tamjanika – autochthonous Serbian wine
  • TOP 5 souvenirs: Magnets, Magnetic Bookmarks, Pirot kilim (autochthones design hand woolen rugs), Coasters
  • TOP 5 events: Exit music festival in Novi Sad (regarded as best festival in Europe in 2013), Traditional Brass Festival in Guča (proposed by National Geographic magazine as global "must see") in 2014, Belgrade Marathon, FEST Film Festival in Belgrade, Beerfest in Belgrade

Chinese twin towns

Beijing – Belgrade/Beograd
Lanzhou – Leskovac
Changchun – Novi Sad


Embassies in China

Address: San Li Tun, Dong 6 Jie 1
Beijing 100600
Phone: +86-10-65323516, 65323016, 65321693, 65325413, 65323246, 65322117
Fax: +86-10-65321207


General consulates and consulates in China

Address: Room 302, No.1, Lane 60, Lyon Garden, Ronghua East Road, Gu Bei New Area
Shanghai 201103
Phone: +86-21-62081388, 62081899
Fax: +86-21-62087412


List of international airports in the country

Belgrade – Nikola Tesla Airport

Contact information

Ms. Aneta Uskoković
Market Manager, Chinese Market
NTO Serbia, 11000 Belgrade, Cika Ljubina 8
Tel: + 381 11 6657 7130

Ms. Zorica Jovanov
Head of International Marketing
NTO Serbia, 11000 Belgrade, Cika Ljubina 8
Tel: +381 11 6557 128