TOP 5 tourist attractions in Hungary

Hungary has so much to show you, and so many different experiences to try. In all weather and at all times of the year, there are unique sights and activities waiting to amaze and captivate you.

These are the thousand thermal baths of Hungary (of which, more than a hundred can be found in the capital) With natural water bubbling up through the different types of rock and bringing different combinations of minerals and chemicals, there is a great range. While some such as the White mineral pools at Egerszalók are a beautiful sight to view, most are entirely suitable for bathing in and have curative as well as relaxing qualities.

Rudas Spa in Budapest

Hungary's traditional cuisine of rich soups and stews originated on cauldrons hung over open fires in the pastoral past of the Hungarian tribes on the endless plains of the Carpathian basin. The incursions of other nearby cultures over the years have left remnants in the cuisine, as well as the culture, so it is no surprise to find Turkish, Slavic and Austrian elements on the menu. Many of the fancy cakes in the numerous confectionaries and cafés, for example, would not look out of place in the heart of Vienna.

Hungarian Gastronomy

The culture of Hungary is very different to the surrounding countries, with a unique language, folk music, dance and artistic traditions. Even within the country there are large variations from the mountains of the north, to the lakelands and the southern plains.

Culture - Hollókő, Hungary

Hungary is a wonderful place to take part in outdoor activities. From walking to extreme sports, and covering both airborne, water-borne, and under and overland and even underground adventures, Hungary is full of guides and activity leaders who are licensed to thrill.

Segway in Hungary

The EDEN project, (the name comes from European Destinations of Excellence, but of course referring back to the biblical, paradise of the garden of Eden), is a European Union project to highlight and protect Europe's most naturally-beautiful locations. Hungary has six such hidden gems, including large lakes, pristine mountains and the lush plains. Come and see for yourself!

Hortobágyi National Park