Top 5 gastronomic experiences in Hungary

Whenever you visit Hungary, the rich nature of the food is certain to be a large part of the adventure. Traditional food in this part of the world is rustic and straightforward, with lots of soups and stews employing meat and root vegetables.

Goulash soup is the most famous dish, but there are a plethora of other things to try as well, from river fish to pork and poultry dishes often using pungent spicy paprika to spice up the food and add a rich red colour.  Modern Hungarian restaurants are constantly creating new ways of cooking and serving traditional Hungarian cuisine.
With most meals, you will be served a glass of fine Hungarian wine. The red, white and rosé wines from Hungary's multiple wine regions, notably around Lake Balaton and near the northern town of Eger are rapidly gaining a world-wide reputation. Don't miss out on these great gastronomic experiences:

Fine dining in Budapest
Rich soups, tender meats and spicy sauces combine to perfection in the traditional cuisine of Hungary. Originating from the simple foods that could be prepared by shepherd folk on the plains, it evolved over the Middle Ages and through the injection of foreign influences under the Turks and the Habsurgs to form a complex palette of dishes that cannot be called light, but is an inimitable part of our culture.

Wine tasting in Eger
The beautiful and historic town of Eger in Northern Hungary would already be a great destination for tourists, with historic sites from the Turkish invasion, and pleasant nearby spas, It is enhanced by the next door valley, literally the "valley of the beautiful women" which is famous for its rows of half-subterranean wine cellars, where guests can join a group to sip fine wines with the assistance and knowledge of the winemakers themselves. Many of the great wines of the area, including the famous Bull's blood of Eger, are displayed at the International Wine Festival in the Buda Castle in Budapest.

Wine cellar in Eger

Regional dishes
Like most countries, Hungary's landscape is not homogenous, and the different climates and terrain give rise to different crops, domesticated animals and thus different traditional dishes have emerged. Ultimate purist will want to enjoy spiced Fish Soup is in Szeged, Lamb Stew in Karcag and the delicious meat-stuffed pancakes know as Hortobágyi Palacsinta in Hortobágy. While this is certainly possible for those with ample time, the good news is that all of these can be obtained in the busy restaurants of the capital.

Modern fusion cuisine
While traditional fare may concentrate on root vegetables and the soups and stews of yesteryear, many new establishments are fusing elements of the traditional and the modern, the local and the exotic, to form a new essence of Eastern European style on a plate. Traditional restaurant fare in Budapest. In recent years, 3 restaurants have won Michelin stars, and continue to push the boundaries of culinary art.

Tasting fresh lángos by the Lakeshore
Though not fine dining, this deep fried bread dough is a really typical summer food. Most Hungarians have a favourite place to buy the ideal lángos, and will suggest that you enjoy it with cheese and lashings of sour cream!