Hungary - General information

Though Hungary is far smaller than China (just one hundredth of its area), it has so much to show you! Its culture, language and traditions are completely different from the neighboring countries in Central Eastern Europe.

Official name of the country: Hungary
Form of government: Republic
Area: 93,036 km2
Population: 9,998,000
Official language: Hungarian
Capital: Budapest

Hungary awaits you with a great selection of unique sights and experiences.

It is fair to say that Hungary encompasses great contrasts: It is surrounded on all sides by other countries, yet it is truly a land of waters, owing to the many rivers that divide and define the land, including the mighty Danube, that stands between Buda and Pest in the capital Budapest. Hungary is also famous for its thermal water springs. There are more than a thousand in the country, and their use in bathing, relaxation and healing plays and important role in Hungarian culture.

The scenery of Hungary is mostly the flat and low-lying lands of the Carpathian Basin, which includes one of Europe's largest continuous grasslands. Underneath the lush green landscape, Hungary has more wonders to share, in the hundreds of kilometres of limestone caves carved out by the same natural phenomenon that gave rise to the numerous thermal springs. Many of these are open to the public and provide and interesting and alternative view of the country. More information about Hungary.

The Hungarian Parliament