Hungary - Hungary's Top Events

Though Hungary is full to bursting with things to do all year round, there are of course, a large number of regular events and festivals, which provide something really special, each in a different field of interest.

Sziget Festival
This largest of all festivals in the region won the award for "Best Major Festival" in 2011 and 2014, and is famous for its amazing variety of big name performers and different music genres. The name Sziget means Island, and the festival still takes over a spacious park-like island in the Danube River on the north of Budapest.

Sziget Festival

Formula 1 race
The 70-lap race is held on a 3.4km circuit known as the Hungaroring, in the small village of Mogyoród, just outside Budapest. This was the first track behind the iron curtain and is well known for its twisty, difficult route.


International Wine festival
This autumn festival is a tribute to wine and winemakers. In the beautiful surroundings of the Buda Castle, experts, producers and lots of wine enthusiasts come together to buy and sell, taste and compare. There are also many activities, live performances and events like the Harvest Parade.

Wine Festival

Busó Festival
The end of the winter season is celebrated in style in the northern town of Mohács. A story about the Battle of Mohács in 1687 goes that the locals frightened away invading forces by wearing masks and making a terrible noise. A tradition as grown out of this, and now every year, the hand-crafted masks are brought out of storage to scare a new generation of villagers, and of course the winter itself must be scared away to make room for Spring!

Busó Festival

Budapest Spring Festival
This is a festival for classical music and culture, which unlike many festivals, spreads its performances liberally across a number venues around the city, with visiting choirs and orchestras in several prestigious sites.