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General information about the country

Official name of the country: REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA
Area: 111,000 km²
Population: 7,364,570
Official language: BULGARIAN
Capital: SOFIA
Population of the capital: 1,285,616 inhabitants

Interesting facts about the country

  • Plovdiv is Europe's oldest Inhabited City, even older than Athens.
  • Bulgaria brought the world the Cyrillic alphabet - which today is used in Russia and throughout the Balkans and other Slavic nations. It was invented by two monks during the First Bulgarian Empire.
  • The roses grown in Bulgaria's "Rose Valley" produce most (70-85%) of the world' rose oil - a component in most perfumes.
  • Though small in area, Bulgaria ranks third in Europe in biodiversity, with a number of rare and endemic species. More than 700 brown bears, 1,000 wolves, golden jackal, wild cats, common otters, souslik and 37 species of reptiles can be found here.
  • Bulgaria Has The 2nd Most Mineral Springs In Europe, just behind Iceland.
  • Plovdiv will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019.

Top 5 lists

  • Top 5 tourist products: Sea tourism; Balneology, SPA and Wellness tourism;_Snow and Mountain Tourism; Cultural tourism; Adventurous, Ecological and Rural tourism; Congress tourism
  • Top 5 tourist destinations: Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Black sea resorts (Sunny beach; Golden sands); Rila Mountains, Pirin Mountains, Rhodope mountains
  • Top 5 gastronomic experiences: Bulgarian yogurt; Bulgarian white brine cheese; Banitsa (many types); Kebapche; Mavrud wine
  • Top 5 souvenirs: Rose oil in wooden handmade containers (muskal); Handmade icons; Handmade pots (giuveche); CD of national music; Handmade carvings
  • Top 5 events: Rose festival in Kazanlak; Pipe festival in village of Gela; International Folklore Festival in Plovdiv; International Jazz Festival i.n Bansko; International Technical Fair in Plovdiv

Chinese twin towns and twin countries

  • Huainan - Russe
  • Luoyang - Plovdiv
  • Ningbo - Varna
  • Shenzhen - Plovdiv
  • Tianjin - Plovdiv
  • Zhengzhou - Shumen
  • Yantai - Burgas
  • Golmud - Dobrich
  • Jinzhou - Pleven
  • Yangzhou - Razgrad
  • Shian /Xian/ - Veliko Tarnovo
  • Chongqing – Sliven

Embassies in China

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Beijing, The People's Republic of China
Address: Xiu Shui Bei Jie 4, Beijing – 10060, China
Telephone: +86 10 6532 1946; +86 10 6532 1916
Fax: +86 10 6532 4502
Out-of-hours hotlines: + 8610 6532 1916;  + 8610 6532 1946
E-mail: Embassy.Beijing@mfa.bg
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/china

General consulates and consulates in China

Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Shanghai, China
Address: Unit 512-515, 5th/Floor, Building B
Far East International Plaza
317 Xianxia Road
Shanghai 200051
Telephone: +86 21 62376183; +86 21 62376185
Fax: +86 21 62376189
Out-of-hours hotline: + 8613917970182
E-mail: Consulate.Shanghai@mfa.bg 
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/chinagc

List of the international airports in the country

Contact information

E-mail: Mr. Nikola Manevski

Web: www.BulgariaTravel.org